Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tour of the Trees

On Thursday January 19th, Sesnon Gallery students/artist assistants attended a tour led by UCSC groundskeeper Steve Strictly that highlighted the numerous trees and some of the flora that are present around the Porter College grounds. The students took in the beauty of the grounds as well as the fun and interesting facts regarding the different trees. The silhouette cut-outs of some of these trees will be featured in Katerina Lanfranco's site-specific installation Natural Selection, such as the Ginkgo, the Sequoia, and the blossoming cherry tree.

After Natural Selection, opens on February 1st, the students will be available and able to bring gallery visitors on their own "tree tours" around Porter College. For those who are visiting the gallery can fully experience the inspiration behind the concept of Natural Selection by extending their gallery tour with a Natural Selection - Tree Tour.

Miguel Libarnes created an amazing video while on the tour, bringing to life not only the the different plants and trees that have served as inspiration for Natural Selection, but also the Sesnon students and staff, who now have a better understanding for their surroundings.

Tree Tour Video

In the gallery, before the tour begins.

Groundskeeper Steve informing the Sesnon students about the different trees and their characteristics.

Standing amongst the Redwood Grove near the Porter Cafe.

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